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Hitchin: Clutches Replaced,Cambelt,Exhausts,4X4 Tyres,Cooling Systems & Gearbox Fitting

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Hitchin Car Mechanic

Independant Garage Hitchin

Hitchin Exhaust System Fitting
OEM and Custom exhaust systems installed including: Engine Manifold, Exhaust Pipes, Backbox and Catalytic Convertor; Faulty Oxygen-Lambda sensors replaced
Hitchin Diagnostic Testing - OBD & OBD II
Hitchin car electrical fault diagnosis by reading modern onboard diagnostic fault codes and information to identify - engine faults and make repairs to reset service lights and eliminate ECU problems
Hitchin Engine Repairs
Engine Maintenance, Damaged cylinder heads skimmed, jets, pistons and valves checked, Serviced or replaced Hitchin
Hitchin Gearbox Maintenance
Manual & Automatic gearbox servicing or repair Hitchin - Problems with gearchanging rectified and new gearboxes fitted to most cars in the Hitchin area
Hitchin Paint & Body Repairs:
Damaged Panels Replaced or Repaired & Painted to Match

Dents removed from body panels and bumpers or new panels fitted & sprayed to match - Key scratches and minor vandalism repaired
Hitchin Clutch & Dual Mass Flywheel Replacement
Slipping and worn out clutches repaired or replaced and overhaul of hydraulic clutch systems with leaking master or slave cylinders in the Hitchin area

Filter Replacement Hitchin

Hitchin Change Engine Oil
Oil contains antioxidants, detergents and water emulsifiers to help protect the engine from corrosion and wear: Engine oil and filter changes (Hitchin) help maintain your car
Hitchin Air Filters
Air filters collect dust, leaf particles and fine debris; eventualy air flow is impared and engine performance suffers: Fitting a new air filter can improve performance and help reduce emissions
Hitchin Oil Filters
Engine swarf, carbon, contaminants and wear particles are captured by the oil filter; as the filter blocks, the oil has to be puped under greater and greater pressure: Replacing the engine oil and filter at the manufacturers recommended service interval helps ensure efficient running conditions
Hitchin Fuel Filters
By blocking particles and water droplets; the fuel filter helps protect the fuel injection system from blocked jets and expensive repair bills
Hitchin Pollen Filters
Blocked, Waterlogged or old pollen filters removed and replaced as part of Hitchin vehicle servicing

Anti Freeze and Cooling System Services Hitchin

Cooling System Servicing Hitchin
Damaged radiators repaired or replaced and fresh coolant/antifreeze added to your system

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  • Diagnostic Testing OBDII
  • Clutch Replacement
  • Cambelt Change
  • Drive Belt Replacement
  • New Shock Absorbers-Springs Fitted
  • Body & Bumper Repairs
  • Mobile Tyre Fitting
  • Replacement Exhausts
Clutch Fitting

Hitchin clutch maintenance - hydraulic fluid refreshed and air locks removed; new clutches installed

Brake Servicing

Hydraulic brake lines cleaned and fluid replaced; New brake pads and discs fitted

Exhausts Hitchin

Replacement and performance exhausts fitted: manifold, egr valves,lambda sensors, catalytic convertors and exhaust pipes & mufflers